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Graphic Design

In SUMCO use graphic design as a means of communication and expression. Through graphic design we can broadcast a message or a  concept with texts, images, videos, symbols, graphics and colors.

It’s important to make a preliminary analysis of the Project to tackling any job and define a strategy to follow.

In SUMCO we must be clear we want to communicate, by what means and media have and the limits it imposes us.

At the same time, we have to know and pay attention to the type of the audience that is targeted campaign or visual image that we’ll give to the Project for highlight the most positive way posible so that communication is most favorable.
Graphic design is a thorough job of observation and analysis that have to care even the smallest details are probably the most important and those who make a difference becoming the most significant project.

We concieve graphic design from a global perspective, everything can be designed and a good design could be implemented almost any ítem using a controlled and thoughtful study and analysis. Not everything is ok and the imaging applications that are in the hands of professionals make a difference and stand out clearly above the rest.
We develope the follow áreas of expertise:

- Packaging design. -Corporative identity applications design.
- Editorial design. - Web design.
- Signage design. - Corporative presentations in PowerPoint.
- Corporative brochures. - Multimedia design, presentations in CD.
- Corporate identity design.  
- Corporative video.  

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